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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cheap Chick: Dupes Part Deux

Dupes Part Deux…. My dupes blog has had the MOST hits out of any post I have done thanks to you who loyally read and thanks to the power of Pinterest! Since posting it in July I have come across a few more I’d like to share and hope you can use to go save a lil cash in your pockets.

1.   ELF Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve $3.00 DUPE FOR: Tarte Amazonian Clay in Exposed $25.00
ELF Mellow Mauve Blush

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush "Exposed"

I have been IN LOVEEEEE with Tarte blushes but at $25 a pop I knew there had to be some dupes for their colors. Specifically “Exposed” which I had been longing for but couldn’t bear to cough up the cash for. (Now that there is another human being who requires more essentials than me blowing money on some blush.) What I love about Exposed is its ability to look bronze-y in color and it applies as a happy medium of blush and bronzer. So, leave it to good ol’ ELF to have a shade I find UBER similar and for the price, completely do-able. It’s a nice break from using, bronzer and blush and it’s really good to use when you do an intense smokey/dark eye. It gives you enough color but maintains a minimal makeup look so you don’t look overdone. This is BY FAR my favorite dupe of this posting!

2.   Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation $10.00 DUPE FOR: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation $38.00

Revlon Nearly Naked

Urban Decay Naked Skin

Both are relatively new products for each company, and I JUST got into the Revlon Foundation. I had tried Urban Decay’s a few months back and liked it, but for $38.00 I thought  KNEW that some company would come out with something similar and cheaper. I am also a HUGE supporter of drugstore foundations and find that I more drugstore brands over the expensive ones. Even the expensive ones that I get a discount with that could end up being comparably priced to the drugstore. The Revlon had amazeballs reviews online via other beauty bloggers/vloggers as well as, online from people who had purchased from sites like drugstore.com. So a sale and coupon later, I got the foundation and have TRULY enjoyed using it and wouldn’t even consider Urban Decay unless you are brand loyal. They’ve GOT TO BE the exact same formulas!! Great color ranges for Revlon….although Urban Decay’s darkest shade does seem to be darker than Revlon’s. STEP IT UP REVLON AND ADD MORE!

3.   CoverGirl Trublend Pressed Powder $9.00 DUPE FOR: MAC Mineralize Skin Finishers $29.00
CoverGirl TruBlend

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish

Ok, I will admit that the MAC is BETTER…. BUT for $9.00 the CoverGirl is a great alternative to the price tag of MAC’s. Here’s how you can balance it…If you have the MAC already, use it for special occasions/nights out and then it’ll go further. Use the CoverGirl every day because for $9, you can afford more easily to run out of it. The CoverGirl I find to be more “dusty” (some say chalky) but the finish is just as good when putting it over a foundation. I haven’t had ANY issues with it rubbing off or leaving a powder-y finish either.

4.   Maybelline The Falsies Mascara $6.99 DUPE FOR: Lancôme Hypnose Mascara $26
Maybelline The Falsies
Lancome Hypnose

I found this on COMPLETE accident after receiving some samples of the Lancôme. Now my first impression with the Lancôme is that it SMELLED SO AWFUL. If I hadn’t had the other sample I would’ve thrown it away thinking it had gone bad. But no… that’s apparently the way Lancôme mascara smells. I almost didn’t even use it, but had heard really good reviews on it. So for about a week I tried it, then I put on a couple different drugstore mascaras to compare to see if it was so much better, and it looked JUST LIKE the Falsies!! (And might I add… the Falsies doesn’t smell.)

Well that’s all I have for now! Please let me know if you have found an amazing dupe OR a high-end product you want me to find the Dupe for! A little “Dupe Challenge” if you will……
Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my lil blog.

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